Duncan MacMillan High

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Allen, L. HBIO11/MATH7-9/SCI 7-9 ext. 7651201 LAllen@hrsb.ca
Baker, B. Learning Centre ext. 7651212 BBaker@hrsb.ca Website
Beaver, C. CD10O2/CBL10O2/LST 10-11/ENG 11 & ENG 10O2/HUBIO 11O2 ext. 7651231 CBeaver@hrsb.ca Website
Boutilier, C. Gr. P-6 Physical Education/50% Primary ext. 7651109 cboutilier@hrsb.ca
Boutilier, J. Gr. 7/8/9 French & SH ext. 7651230 BoutilierJ@hrsb.ca Website
Cumminger, J. ACS11/SOC12/ECM12/HGS12/CMT11 ext. 7651228 JCumminger@hrsb.ca Website
Delaney, R. Art Teacher ext. 7651206 RDelaney@hrsb.ca
Evely, C. MAT12/MAW10-12/PHY11-12/CAL12 ext. 7651200 Craig.Evely@hrsb.ca Website
Glawson, C. TECH 8/EXT10/PDT11-12/CNT12/EPT11 ext. 7651104 CGlawson@hrsb.ca Website
Glawson, K. Grade 5/6 ext. 7651145 kglawson@hrsb.ca
Goodridge, D. Gr. 4-6 Core French ext. 7651132 Dgoodridge@hrsb.ca
Hawes, A. Grade 1/2 ext. 7651141 ahawes@hrsb.ca
Henley, K O2 Lead/COOP11-12/ENGMU10-12 ext. 7651233 KHenley@hrsb.ca Website
Jacquard, J. ECM11/HLIV 7/ENG 8-9 ext. 7651229 Jessica.Jacquard@hrsb.ca Website
Landry, J. FRE 10-12/ADR 10-11/FLA 8-9/CFRE9 ext. 7651232 jacquelyn.landry@hrsb.ca Website
Landry, K. Music/Band ext. 7651101 Kristina.Landry@hrsb.ca Website
Leslie, S. Elementary Resource ext. 7651120 slelsie@hrsb.ca
MacAulay, A. AGRIC11/ECO11-12/MAT10/EXMAT11 ext. 7651202 amacaulay@hrsb.ca Website
Mawson, M. CHE11-12/OCE11/BIO12/MAT11 ext. 7651211 MMawson@hrsb.ca Website
Norris, D. High School Physical Education ext. 7651109 DNorris@hrsb.ca Website
Power, L. Grade 6 Intensive French Teacher ext. 7651134 lana-marie.power@hrsb.ca
Rutledge, M. Grade Primary & Early Literacy ext. 7651139 mary.rutledge@hrsb.ca
Simpson, E. Math7-9/Sci7-9/HLIV 9 ext. 7651203 ESimpson@hrsb.ca Website
Smith, T. Grade 3/4 ext. 7651143 tsmith@hrsb.ca
Smith, A. High School Resource/50% Curric Leader ext. 7651214 Amanda.Smith@hrsb.ca Website
Stephenson, H. WHS11/CD11/MAE10&11/PCAL12/FDSCI12/SCI10 ext. 7651213 HStephenson@hrsb.ca Website
Ward, L. ENG & SS 7/8/9 ext. 7651227 LWard@hrsb.ca Website

Support Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Boutilier, A. ECE Support 902-885-2777 ABoutilier@hrsb.ca
Boutilier, S. Custodian ext. 7651118 SBoutilier@hrsb.ca
Boutilier, L. Custodian ext. 7651118 BoutilierL@hrsb.ca
Boutilier, K. Pre-Primary Support ext. 7651130
Boutilier, D. 100% EPA 902-885-2777 donna.boutilier@hrsb.ca
Dando, A. Pre Primary Lead ext. 7651130
Dollimont, J. School Social Worder ext. 7651004 jdollimont@hrsb.ca
Gillis, J. Librarian Support ext. 7651207 Julie.Gillis@hrsb.ca Website
Graham, J. Librarian Support ext. 7651207 judith.graham@hrsb.ca Website
Henley, N. Caretaker ext. 7651118 NHenley@hrsb.ca
Higgins, M. SLD Teacher 902-885-2777 Higginsm@hrsb.ca
Lloyd, J. 50% EPA 902-885-2777 joanne.lloyd@hrsb.ca
Lowe, L. 80% EPA 902-885-2777 LLowe@hrsb.ca
Mullen, M. Mi'Kmaq Aboriginal Student Support ext. 7651225 Marsha.Mullen@hrsb.ca Website
Parnell, K. 100% EPA 902-885-2777 kimberly.parnell@hrsb.ca
Preston, M. Speech-Language Pathologist 902-885-2777 MPreston@hrsb.ca
Rasmussen, D. Youth Health Coordinator ext. 7651106 Darlene.rasmussen@nshealth.ca Website
TBA, TBA Psychologist 902-885-2777


Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Levy, D. Administrative Assistant 902-885-2777 ext. 7651000 dlevy@hrsb.ca
Logan, D. 50% Administrative Assistant 902-885-2777 ext. 7651000 logand@hrsb.ca
McWatters, M. Vice Principal 902-885-2777 ext. 7651002 MMcWatters@hrsb.ca
Reynolds, R. Principal 902-885-2777 ext. 7651001 rreynolds@hrsb.ca
Walsh, T. Guidance Counsellor/Registrar 902-885-2777 ext. 7651003 twalsh@hrsb.ca Website